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Passionate about a topic? Working on a new tool? Have a technique you want to teach? Research you’ve done? Tell the web performance community!

Send your articles to ssttoo@ymail.com. Please include:

  • The article in any format, preferably markdown, asciidoc, html
  • Bio blurb, as long as you like, with links, social profiles, etc…
  • Photo of yourself, preferably 520px wide or wider
  • Your URL

See an example.

Your submission is published (first come first published) starting from Dec 1st every year until we run out of articles or days in December. Don’t delay, write today 🙂


Who’s running this publication?
Hi, I’m Stoyan. Over the years I’ve had a lot of help from folks in the community, for which I am eternally grateful.
I want to write. What topics are preferred?
I’m interested in anything anyone excited about Web Performance has to share. I don’t pick or filter. Who am I to tell what perf-minded people want to read? If you’re enthusiastic about web performance and a topic interests you, chances are other people will want to read it.
Still, give me some examples
A case study: “How we improved our LCP by X%”, “How we introduced perf culture in our org”. Research: “X% of the websites are Y”, “New compression encoding gives you Z”. A new/updated tool. A new Web API. An old API. A new technique. An old-school technique. A clever piece of code. A rant, opinion, observation, wishlist. A TIL. If it’s interesting to you, it will be interesting to the community.
What are my chances of getting published?
99%+. Over the long existence of the publication I’ve only had to turn down 2 or 3 articles, which were obvious sales pitches.
What is the deadline for sending an article?
Obviously the sooner, the better and easier to schedule. But I know we’re all busy so I’ll accept your article as late as Dec 24 or even Dec 30.
Yeah, it’s supposed to be “advent” calendar with 24 articles. But almost every year people are late and busy and end up sending pieces towards the end. So some years I keep going: Dec 25, 26, etc. Or sometimes I take a break and publish the “overflow” articles all on Dec 31st. Again, I don’t turn down articles. But I appreciate posts sent earlier.
Can I repost my article elsewhere, e.g. my blog?
Of course, it is your article. I just kindly ask to wait a day or two. I like the calendar to feature original content.
I wrote an article on my blog, would you repost it on the calendar?
No, at least not verbatim. If you have a different angle or an update, sure, a reworked old post sounds exciting.
What is the review process?
Non-existing. I’ll read the article and come back to you if I have suggestions. Most often though I just fix typos and format for publication.
I want to write, but I’m not an expert nor known in the community
We’re all just muddling through, there are no experts. Many of the posts are written by first-time authors, meaning it’s their first time ever writing a blog post.
I want to write, but my English is terrible.
I want to write, but I want someone to review my article.
I want to write, but I’m not sure about the topic.
Get in touch. I’ve helped people with English. If I’m not able to help, some other good folks have volunteered to do so: Henri Helvetica, Tammy Everts, Tim Kadlec, Barry Pollard.
I can’t write right now, but I want to help others write
Amazing! Drop a comment and I’ll add you to the list above.
I want to help but I’m not confident in reviewing, nor do I feel like writing
One of the best things you can do is recruit other folks to contribute. Look around you, who’ll make a good contributor, who has something to say?
Will you take multiple articles from me?
Sure, especially if they come early in the month or in November, before the holiday rush.
Can I co-author an article?
Yes. See examples from the past of an article with 2 authors and one with 3 authors.

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  1. Yoav Ganbar

    Will you be able to backlink to our blog? (eg.

    I would like to be able to publish to our company blog. Not sure what the impact of waiting 2-3 days to do it if you use the canonical URL to say the blog is original publisher…

    Would appreciate your thoughts on this.


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