Web Performance Calendar

The speed geek's favorite time of year
2016 Edition

Stoyan (@stoyanstefanov) accepts contributions to this calendar.

2016 was great for this little performance calendar. We were so lucky to have excellent contributions and, once again, went over the 24 article count expected of the “advent” format. What’s more, the articles arrived on time, even in advance, and it was clear we have more than enough to fill the 24 slots. So we could be picky. I had to say no to a couple of articles for being overly salesy. And we could afford say no to republications. I mean all authors are free to republish their articles on their blogs or elsewhere (the content is all theirs!) but I wouldn’t knowingly repost an article that was already out there.

However in the spirit of JSconf’s rejects, I wanted to give a shout out to these “rejects” (used here with the best possible meaning of the word and with all the love in the world). Again I’m grateful and humbled by the work of the authors.

So here goes.

Static site implosion with Brotli and Gzip

Thadee Trompetter (@trompetski) is a front-end developer and DevOps engineer at De Voorhoede. He wrote an awesome piece called “Static site implosion with Brotli and Gzip”. Kind of like a recipe for a Brotli broth: mix one part pre-compressed static files with one part level 4 on-the-fly compression. Then… serve fast!

Using R to check website performance


Craig Francis (@craigfrancis) is a Director of Code Poets Ltd, specialising in the creation of websites and systems that support small to medium sized businesses in the UK, with a focus on Performance, Security, and Accessibility. His article was about how to use R for perf stats. You can read it and explore the various code snippets linked from it right here on githib.

Reinventing Performance Testing


One long time calendar contributor, Alex Podelko (@apodelko) is a performance engineer and architect, currently a Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle, responsible for performance testing and optimization of Enterprise Performance Management and Business Intelligence (a.k.a. Hyperion) products. He has a series of 6 blog posts on reinventing perf testing.

Front-End Performance Checklist 2017


Last but not least, Vitaly Friedman (@smashingmag) He’s a writer, speaker, author and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine. He runs responsive Web design workshops, webinars and loves solving complex UX, front-end and performance problems in large companies.

He posted a sort of perf TODO on Facebook and I challenged him to expand with a paragraph on each item so we can post to the calendar. The result is this monster of an article, a 33-point doc for all of us to tick off called Front-End Performance Checklist 2017.


And have a happy perf-y new 2017!