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2023 Edition
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Tanner Hodges (@atannerhodges) is a web developer at Red Ventures, trying to help people understand complex things in simple ways.

Where do you go to talk about performance?

WebPerf Slack

If you’ve been in the webperf community for a while, you probably know about the Web Performance Slack workspace, webperformance.slack.com. (If you haven’t already joined, please reach out for an invite!)

Slack is amazing for realtime discussion. It’s honestly the best place to go today for quick answers to any of your performance questions. We have an amazing community!

But Slack’s major drawback is that messages disappear after 90 days—and getting those messages back is expensive.

Today, over 140,000 Slack messages have been lost to the archives. They’re unsearchable, inaccessible, and would cost roughly $2,000 per month to get back.

Web Performance Slack costs $1,942.50 per month to access 142,000 hidden messages and files

That’s a lot of lost knowledge.

How can we preserve this?

Introducing PerfPlanet Community

Planet Performance has been a mainstay of the web performance community since 2009. Every year, the PerfPlanet Calendar brings in new posts from new authors with new ideas.

Now PerfPlanet also includes an open forum:


PerfPlanet Community home page with welcome message and latest topics

PerfPlanet Community is an open, searchable Discourse site, which means:

  • Inclusive: Anyone can join.
  • Accessible: Anyone can find and share links to content.
  • Enduring: Content will remain available for years to come.

We want to see the web performance community grow and thrive, and to do that we believe it’s worth investing in an open space for sharing knowledge.

We hope you’ll join us at PerfPlanet Community.

One Response to “PerfPlanet Community”

  1. Tanner Hodges

    Update: We’ve decided shut down PerfPlanet Community.

    For more details, see https://community.perfplanet.com/t/shutting-down-perfplanet-community/109/3

    Thanks to everyone who joined and contributed to the discussions.

    For everyone else, we’ll see you in Slack!

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